Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

Easter in Dallas is one of my favorites!  Lots of family time, warm weather and time with the hubby!  James had not been down to Dallas since Christmas, so it was fun to take off and go on dates and shop together!  Mom and dad are always so awesome with Parker so we can do things like that together!  I hope everyone had a great day celebrating our risen Lord!!

 Since Ryan and Carrie were going to be with her family Easter Sunday, Parker and Leah got to dye and hunt eggs a little early!

 He was totally into it!
They actually did really well, I was a little surprised!

 Blue was his favorite!

 The finished products.  Notice the Baylor colored one mommy did??  :)

 Time to hunt!

 These two have so much fun together!

 Saturday morning while mom, Parker and I went to the park, James and dad got to go flying with Tripp!  What a treat it was for them!

 Then we headed off to one of my favorite places to shop and eat, Southlake Town Square!

Happy Easter!


  1. So glad ya'll had a good time! I just missed ya. ; )

    Love you!

  2. I somehow stumbled upon your blog, and I just wondered, where did you get your Easter dress from? It's beautiful! :)