Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What do you do...

when it's 98 degrees outside in April?  Why you bust out your swimsuit and blow up pool of course!  We have had record breaking heat the past several days so we've had fun getting a head start on summer.  Some places in the panhandle have already hit 100! Of course this scares me that summer is going to be another HOT one without rain, yikes!  BUT I am not complaining, bring on the heat, I love it!

Parker's friend Rush invited us over to play in the pool.  These boys had SO much fun getting each other and everything wet!

 Earlier that morning we met our friends Jack, Clay and Seth at the park to feed ducks before it got too hot.  Too hot, did I just say that?  It's April, crazy!!
No one would look at the camera, they were mesmerized by the ducks!

Cute blonde headed little boys!

 Parker kept throwing whole pieces of bread to the ducks, so we finally started handing him little bits...I don't think the ducks minded the whole pieces though!  :)

Since it's been so hot we've even opened the roof of Waco's dog house to keep her cooler.  Parker loves to get inside and play house with her. I'm not sure Waco shares the same sentiments.

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