Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Broadmoor 2012

Last weekend we headed up to Colorado Springs for our annual trip to the Broadmoor Hotel.  It's always a treat to go there, it's just beautiful and the weather just spells Fall!  We had a great time hanging out together as a family, playing golf, going to the zoo and visiting Garden of the Gods.  It is such a family friendly place and the kids just ran themselves ragged!

Up bright and early on the playground Friday morning!

Swinging with daddy

Parker and Blake actually being still for a split second.  This does not happen often!

I think visiting Garden of the Gods was my favorite thing, it was just awesome!  Another reminder of what a Creator we serve!

The five Austin cousins
Faith 10, Blake 4, Parker 3, Adelynn 9 and Katherine 6

Meredith, James and me

The kids had the BEST time crawling through rocks and caves and just exploring!

Of course they wanted a challenge, Luke and James were there to catch any humans falling off the rocks!

They made it!  Parker had no interest in this...he was busy throwing rocks into a crevice, he called it his basketball goal!  ;)  The kid will turn anything into a sport!

So pretty!
The first snow covered mountains of the season.

Our little fam

Don't you love this pathetic attempt of a Christmas card?  Too far away, shadows, Katherine is crying, and Parker is looking at the dirt!  Bless her heart, I think Ann starts trying for a family Christmas card pic in January with the hope that one will work out by Thanksgiving!  ;)

You better believe there was golf and Parker was in the middle of it!

Meanwhile, I enjoyed driving the cart and picking out the perfect Christmas tree!  Isn't it pretty?  Too bad we couldn't take it would be a scenario from "Christmas Vacation".  No saw, tree on top of the car and too big for the living room!  Ha!

Teeing off!

Adelynn and Parker watching the guys putt.

These three always rode together

Beautiful course!
Me and my handsome hubby at dinner

The restaurant we ate at was right on the golf course and outside they had a fire pit.  For dessert they brought out smores for the kids to do.  Parker had never roasted a marshmallow before and he loved it!

Taking a bite of his first smore!

Sweet Faith and Parker

Sneaking another bite

Heading to the zoo Saturday morning

The best part of the whole day was feeding the giraffes!

Check out that tongue!

Auntie M brought animal crackers for a snack...very fitting for the zoo!  :)

So we were watching the lions walk around and all of the sudden a mood struck Parker and Blake and they just started hugging.  It was hilarious!  These two are so lovable!
Look at the kid to the side, he's like, does this happen often??

Crazy kids climbing on a zebra!
After the zoo I was too tired to take anymore pics (that zoo is uphill all the way).  The rest of the trip was great, it included a babysitter and a night out for the six adults...always a bonus!  :)

I don't have a picture of this which kills me but I am writing this down so I can remember it for years to come.  Saturday evening we were getting dressed for dinner and I came out of the bathroom looking for Parker so I could get him in his pjs.  There was no Parker to be found.  I walked over and looked in between the two beds and I see feet sticking out from under one of the beds.  I get down on my hands and knees, lift up the bed skirt and find Parker with his face covered with his blue blanket.  I take the blanket off his face and find him stuffing his face with the chocolates they leave every night in our room.  BUSTED!  Little sneak was getting away with eating Lord knows how many chocolates.  Needless to say, he was not hungry for dinner that night!  I would consider that Parker's first time to really be sneaky and hide while doing something he shouldn't!  Ha!  :)


  1. How fun! I loved the long sleeves and jackets. Happy Fall Lauren!

  2. That's my boy! I just think it's so funny that he was hiding with his chocolates. I guess you don't have to be "taught" how to sneak chocolate! OK, absolutely beautiful...scenery, weather, people. What a great vacation at a perfect time in a perfect place. Trying not to be jealous.... :) Love you!