Tuesday, September 25, 2012

When daddy is away...

Neesie comes to play!  My sweet mom came up this past weekend to help me out and entertain Parker while James was in Denver with his law firm.  We had a blast playing outside together, making Sam's and Hobby Lobby trips and renting chick flicks at night!  Mom wouldn't allow me to cook a thing so we also got to go out for lunch and dinners!  Thanks mom for coming up and giving me a break!  Love you!

At the pizza place Friday night!

We made a trip to Sam's and while we were there we found the biggest pumpkins ever.  I know the pic doesn't do them justice, but they are huge.  So big in fact that we had to put them in Parker's wagon and wheel them to the front porch.  You are seeing the ugly side of the pumpkins, there is a pretty side, I promise!  ;)

Lunch at CFA Saturday afternoon!

Dinner at Pei Wei Saturday night

Topped off with some yummy yogurt!

Picking up daddy at the hangar Sunday afternoon!  He was one excited boy!

Back to business as usual...being daddy's shadow in the yard!


  1. pizza, pumpkins, chick-fil-a, pei wei, AND yogurt...um, can I come play the next time James is out of town?