Sunday, February 17, 2013

32 weeks!

I realize I am technically posting this two days early, but when I actually had the camera out after church today and thought about taking pics, I jumped at the opportunity!  :)  Yes, here I am at 8 months pregnant and actually getting sad that I only have two months left.  I love being pregnant, pregnancy treats me well.  I feel good, I don't swell up and I love my thick hair! :)  It's really too bad we don't want like 5 kids or something because me and pregnancy just jive.  This is it for us!
Parker has continued to love on and show interest in this baby.  He regularly kisses, hugs and sings to my belly.  I melt every time.  The nursery is ready, we could have this baby tomorrow and be good to go...I'll post pics of it soon!!

8 months!!  

"Mommy, let me get a chair and hug the baby."

"Mommy, lift your shirt so I can give her a kiss"

Already the best big brother a sibling could ask for!

And this got left off my V-day and my little Valentine!


  1. Beautiful baby belly! I'm with you on the loving being pregnant part (once I get past the throwing up!) And, bless your heart for being sick the week of Valentine's...wish I was closer to drop some soup by. :)

  2. You look amaze! I'm as big as you an I'm only 19 weeks lol! Love the pic of Parker kissing your belly! I loooove being pregnant too and am trying to soak in every bit since this is our last as well!

  3. So sweet! You look so happy! I'm SO excited for ya'll! Love you.