Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Parker's 4th birthday

Parker turned 4 on Wednesday, May 29th and we made the day very special!  We started off by going to the gym to play with friends, had a picnic lunch and swim with his buddy Jack and we ended the day with plans to play putt putt golf but the course was closed.  Luckily there was a driving range next door and Parker pointed us in the right direction, he was SO excited!  James had given his a cut down 7 iron for his birthday.  He kept saying..."I play with my REAL golf club".  The boy has a natural talent for golf and he is so much fun to watch!

The birthday boy at school on Tuesday.  Since he wasn't at school on his real birthday, I brought cupcakes for his little class.

So cute!!

I had fun watching these munchkins in action.  I'd love to be a fly on the wall and watch a day in their classroom!

Waking up (early) to a birthday donut on his big day!!


I've never seen anyone so excited about a frisbee!

Lunch and swim date with his buddy Jack!

Me and my buddy!

So proud of his new Texas Ranger floaties he got from Dede for his birthday!

At the driving range that night.

Learning from Daddy!

This boy can launch a golf ball.

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  1. I love his excitement over his frisbee! That is PRECIOUS! Happy birthday Parker!