Thursday, June 20, 2013

Parker's birthday party

I'm getting so behind on my blog that it's getting a little scary!  I refuse to get any further behind...I post these things for my own blog books and I don't want to leave anything out! 
 Where were we...Parker turned 4 on May 29th and that Friday, the 31st, we had his friend party at our church's family life center!  I needed easy this year and easy it was!  I showed up with a cupcake cake from Walmart, plates, napkins, balloons and juice boxes and we had a party!  :)  God is so good and has blessed Parker with a wonderful group of little friends, they are a delight!

Parker's Toy Story themed cake!
(this was ordered over the phone and it's nothing fancy but it had Buzz Lightyear and that evidently is all that mattered, ha!)


Blowing out the candle!

Time to eat cupcakes!  Cutie pie girl table!

Emmie and True enjoying the chocolate!

Cheese faces by Blake, Parker and Blair!

Wyatt and the "younger generation"!


How is it Parker James that you are 4 years old?  You are such a joy and continue to be a light in our lives!  Love you!!

Little sister got all dressed up for the party!  :)

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  1. Happy Birthday to Parker! Baby sister looks beautiful in that sweet dress!