Tuesday, January 21, 2014

9 months!

Ya'll, why is she growing up so FAST??  It's amazing to me how much faster she is growing up compared to how I thought Parker did.  The months just fly and I know it's because we are busy, there is never a dull moment with these two precious kids!
Sydney Kate has had a big month…she has learned how to crawl!  She did it yesterday for the first time while Parker and I were playing with her in the floor!  She doesn't do it often, but she can do it.

At 9 months, Sydney…

*  is crawling!
*  said "dada" for the first time this week!
*  has two bottom teeth
*  is FINALLY sleeping better at night  (we have had major screaming bouts at 3 am)
*  still loves anything I put in her mouth
*  can pull up to her knees on things
*  still takes a long afternoon nap and cat naps in the morning
*  nurses 4-5 times a day
*  will eat a whole can of Gerber Puffs if I let her  ;)
*  lights up when Parker or Daddy walk in the room
*  loves to play with Parker in her crib

Sydney, your personality just shines more and more everyday!  You are so much fun and are growing up right before our eyes.  You may not have been the best sleeper at night and have most definitely put us through the paces, but we love you anyway and are so proud of you for getting better at it!  ;)  You have a strong will but I know the Lord is going to use the personality trait in a big way!  We love you Sis!
Big girl.

My little helper

These two LOVE to play together!

"Crib talk"

Shopping at the mall

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