Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Christmas 2013

Christmas was a fun and busy time this year!  Not only was it Sydney's first Christmas, it was the first time Parker was involved in things like a choir program and preschool Christmas pageant which made it even more special.  Among all the things we had going on, we made sure and talked A LOT about how we do all of these things to celebrate the birth of Jesus!

Parker's 4 year old choir sang one Sunday night.  He clearly did not like being in front of people.  He turned red and would NOT look up.  He is on the end looking away from everyone.

Bless his heart.

The preschool pageant was worse. He had a speaking part (everyone did) and he cried but pulled it together with the microphone in hand and said his part.  I cried too.  Again, bless his heart.  He is the one with the Santa hat...he sure was cute though and I was still so proud!

Christmas Eve day was spent with the Austin side of the family.  James's dad has three siblings, so they and all their kids and grandkids were there.  It was a large group even though we were missing some!
Emily, Me, Sydney and Meredith

I love my boy!!

Santa always comes and hands out presents to the kids.

We sing Christmas songs, read the Christmas story and all the kids put on a play.  It's a fun tradition.
Notice my child looking at the ground again.  He doesn't like all eyes on him nor does he do costumes.
Thankfully I don't have dreams of having my children in show business anyway!  ;)

He does excel in sports!  Anything with a ball he dominates.
He won the kids division of the basketball tournament.

It was all too much for little sis.

Then, late that night Santa came!!
We had a fun morning just our family of four playing with new toys, eating cinnamon rolls and cherishing the morning.

This boy wanted a Baylor football helmet and jersey so bad...Santa did good!

Sydney got her very first baby doll.  
My two littlest loves!

Then it was back together with family for the rest of the day!
James and I with the newly weds, Tripp and Molly.

Faith took such good care of Sydney, it was a nice break!

Mrs. Franklin, James's grandmother, just turned 94.  It was good to see her!
Sloan and Scarlett with Mrs. Franklin and Olivia.

Adelynn and Katherine

Sydney hanging out with her great-grandmother...aka: Meemo


Sweet girl did so well being passed around all that day.

What a blessing to add Sydney to our family picture this year!

We ended the day at Jim and Ann's house with just us and Luke's family.  There were more stockings and presents to open.

This sums up Christmas day!  ;)

The next morning we were up and at 'em and drove to Dallas for Christmas with my family!
Parker talked for weeks about wanting to go ice skating.  So...we take him to the Galleria and he totally backed out.  We still had a lot of fun being there with my parents!

Parker and Sydney with great-grandparents Mema and Papa
We had a lovely family dinner and got to open presents with my family the night we got there.

Sydney and Dede

Parker had a blast with his cousins Ty and Leah!  

I love my siblings, Ryan and Lindsey.
Mom and dad babysat and we (with spouses/boyfriend) got to go out to dinner that night!

We ended the year with James turning 34 on the 30th!
Happy birthday babe!

Whew!!  I am tired!  We are back home, undecorated and enjoying the SLOW
pace of January!  Stay tuned...I will post my annual year in review soon!

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  1. My house will be done by April 1! When you're in Dallas after that, you HAVE to come visit! Bring your mama and your sister (and sister-in-law) too!