Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter weekend

Easter weekend just happened to fall on Sydney's first birthday so we knew we had a big weekend of celebrating ahead of us!  We drove down to Dallas on Thursday and spent a long weekend there having so much fun!  Amarillo is always about a month behind Dallas in the Spring, so it's a feast for the eyes when we get there, everything is so green!!  It was a special weekend celebrating Sydney's first birthday, my mom's birthday and our risen Lord!

Friday we went up to McKinney to visit my friend Shay and to see my brother's new house.  While we were there, the three of us stopped at the town square and had a delightful lunch at a place called Spoons.  If you're ever in McKinney, I highly recommend it!!

Parker scored a big ol chocolate chip cookie for dessert!
Saturday was my beautiful mom's birthday, so we celebrated by going on a delightful picnic lunch.  
Aunt Lindsey with Sydney

The girls

Grandad and Sis just hanging out

Parker was so excited to find that the Easter bunny had come. 
Since we don't really talk about the Easter bunny, he was extra surprised!

Our family after church.
Daddy's little girl

Sis got to open her basket too.

Then the cousins came over for lunch!

Of course there was Easter egg dying.

And hunting!

This girl got to swing while all the action was going on!  Next year, she'll be in the mix running around for eggs!  ;)

Sweet Leah loved pushing her.

Neesie and Grandad with their grandkiddos!

Then we loaded the car to head back and this is what we found just 30 minutes into the trip. 
We won't talk about the massive, loud rain storm that we drove through that woke them both up just 45 minutes later and that it was the LONGEST and LOUDEST (Sydney cried) car trip back to Amarillo in the history of car trips.  Nope, I'll spare you the details!  ;)

Side bar:  We drove from Dallas to Amarillo in 5 hours and 10 minutes.  Something about having a screaming baby in the back makes you go a little faster!  Ha!!

It was a fantastic weekend!!

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  1. I'm so happy that you guys made us a part of your weekend! It was so good to see you three!! Please come back when everything is finished! After you left, they hung all of my light fixtures, chandeliers and did my back splash and it looked so much better! Happy Easter/Birthday weekend to YOU!