Tuesday, May 6, 2014

These are the days...

Of adoring a little ruffle bottom.

Of trying to burn into my memory that she is small enough to crawl into the kitchen drawer.

Of feeling overwhelmed by the love these two have for each other and the fact that they call me "mommy".

Of watching this guy blossom into a great athlete and lover of baseball.

Of being thankful for friends to do life with.

Of watching Sydney learn to throw her very own pink ball.

Of being excited about watching our dream home come into fruition.

Of getting all dressed up for church and then getting to stay home all morning with my baby who woke up with fever.

Of never getting tired of dressing up my baby girl.

Of getting excited about the arrival of hot temperatures!

Of laughing at this kid.

Of adoring a sleeping baby in the backseat of my car.
Thank you Lord for these beautiful days!


  1. These are just the best days of our life, right? I loved all of these pictures! That being said, I was super excited to see your property! And your hair looked fabulous on Sunday :).

  2. What a sweet post! The pictures are precious!