Friday, November 6, 2015

Pumpkin farm and Halloween

The Fall fun continues with a trip to the pumpkin farm and candy overload with Halloween.
Halloween this year was extra fun because we are in our new neighborhood and they go all out!  Not only all out with decorations, but all out with candy too.  In fact, the rest of Amarillo comes to our neighborhood to trick or treat, so it gets crazy crowded!  We got our kids out early and then headed back to our house to hand out candy.  Parker and Sydney had more fun handing out candy than they did going trick or treating, so funny!
Last week Parker's first grade class went to Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm for a field trip and I got to go along!
It was a crisp, clear morning and the kids had a blast!
Somehow P ended up in a wagon with two girls…something tells me this will be the story of his schooling days. ;)
My favorite boy!

On the same day, Miss Priss had dress up day at Mother's Day Out.  They got to walk across the street to the nursing home and trick or treat.
Two year olds…they were less than thrilled to be dressed up.
On Halloween we carved pumpkins.
All ready to hit the neighborhood!

This giant cat was their favorite!
We stopped by and saw the cousins and Faith ended up fitting right into our theme!
This is 9:00 at night after too much candy and up way past her bedtime!
Keepin' it real.

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  1. All of the pics are cute...but that last picture is PRECIOUS! Happy Halloween!