Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Playing catch up!

It is a new year which makes me realize how BEHIND I have gotten on this little blog of mine.  I want to make sure and complete 2015 so I can move on to the present!

The holidays were so fun!  We were in Dallas for Thanksgiving, we went back the week before Christmas and then just enjoyed Christmas break at home!  Christmas was extra special this year because we celebrated it in our new house for the first time!  Memories are being made which makes it feel more and more like home.

Thanksgiving at Nessie and Grandad's

Right after Thanksgiving, Sydney "graduated" from her little mommy and me gymnastics class.
Mrs. Brandi was an amazing teacher and had the patience of Job with two year olds. ;)

She would NOT look at the camera.  All she's talked about since it ended is gymnastics.  We are all signed up to start again next week!
Being festive is just fun!

There is a little boutique in Amarillo that brings Santa in every year and one of our professional photographers comes and takes pics.  You will not find a picture of sister and Santa because she wouldn't go near him if her life depended on it...maybe next year! ;)

Our church has an amazing preschool and children's ministry.  Every year they put on PJs and Pancakes and it never disappoints!  Look at the whipped cream, can we say sugar high??

Photo booth!!

One night we bathed the kids, put them in their pjs, got hot chocolate and drove around and looked at lights.  A tradition for sure!!

Here we are at the widows dinner, this year it was at James's aunt and uncle's house.  We love serving the sweet widows of First Baptist.  It's such a highlight of the season and I love that the kids get involved too.

Sydney's little 2 year old mother's day out class had pj day on the last day.

Back in Dallas!!  These two boys dominated the cookie decorating!

And the girls climbed trees out front!

It was such a WARM week while we were there and we took advantage!  

Enjoying a warm day at the Arboretum.

Presents before driving back to freezing Amarillo the next day.

Christmas morning waiting to go downstairs to see what Santa brought!

They were good this year!

All dressed and headed to Nana's house for Christmas Day with James's parents and brother's fam!

We lived up Christmas break, we played in the snow...

Saw Star Wars in 3D...

And soaked in the frozen beauty of the ranch!

Happy New Year!  

I'm on a roll....more posts to come! ;)

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  1. Yay! I love these pictures!! I'm so glad your sweet family enjoyed Christmas in your new home!