Friday, January 15, 2016

2015 in review

God was good in 2015.  We had our challenges as well as blessings and we grew from each one.  For seven out of the twelve months, we lived with my in-laws.  Memories were made, we learned a lot and in the end...moved into our new home in July!

January was cold, cold and more cold.  Let's move on...not my favorite month, ha!

Valentine's day brought fun cards and treats in the mail and progress on our house.

Cabinets were in!!

We went on a Disney Cruise with our cousins and it was deemed the best vacay ever!!!
It was so good, we are doing it again over Spring break!
My beautiful sister got married in April.
It was a special weekend and an honor to be a part of!
And on April 18th, this little bit turned 2 years old.  We celebrated with a Minnie Mouse party!
Lots of progress on the master bath!
May brought LOTS of rain, Parker's 6th birthday AND baseball season!
He is a baseball loving' kiddo!  Good thing I'm a baseball loving' mama!
Oh yes, Sydney got a cast in May...can't forget that memory.
June was beautiful...sweet days of summer!
We also traveled up to Table Rock Lake for our annual Big Cedar trip in June.
I'm hoping this year we will not have a cast to contend with at the lake...gross and gross.
Parker won his junior golf camp tournament in June and it was a proud moment for sure.
Whew!  This is the month we never thought we'd make it to.  We moved and unpacked for days and days and then it was off to Nevis and St. Barths for our trip!  We could not have moved and unpacked without the help of sweet friends and my mom who came and kept the kids!!
10 days with this guy and no kids was something special!!
Before summer ended, we hopped down to Dallas for one last hurrah with family!
All too soon summer ends and the first days of school begin.
Baby girl holding her sign before day one of took about 2 months before she was ok with me leaving.  Love her so!
Sweet first grader.
I still miss him during the day!

September was fun because we drove down to Baylor for a football game!
We got our new puppy in the same weekend.
Flag football took front and center and we discovered that Parker excelled in this sport too!
We put our cowboy/cowgirl gear on and enjoy all the sights of the rodeo!

We also got our family portraits back this them.  
It's just my favorite picture of the month! ;)  Love that boy!

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  1. Lauren! Your year was HUGE! Oh my goodness! I feel like you should just rest in 2016 ;).