Monday, October 17, 2016

A field trip and a baptism

Last week, Sydney's little 3 year old preschool class took a field trip to the pumpkin farm.  I am a sucker for tagging along on field trips.  These babies are only little once and one day I will miss these precious days.  I love watching her have so much fun with her friends and want to show me around!  

Also, this past Sunday we went out to our ranch to watch my niece, Katherine and nephew, Blake, get  baptized in the lake out there.  Both of them accepted Jesus as their personal savior at Kanukuk camp last summer and they wanted to follow the example Jesus gave us and be baptized.  It was extra special because James's Uncle Steve is an ordained minister and performed the ceremony.  Pretty awesome!!

Cheese face!
"Milking a cow".
They took us on a hay ride out to the actual pumpkin patch where the kids got to get out and pick their very own pumpkin.
They had giant tractor tires out there for the kids to climb all over while they waited on everyone to pick a pumpkin.  Those weren't there last year...a mom totally thought of that!
That same week we had open house and fall festival at Parker's school.
These boys have been friends at school and church since diapers!
She scored a cupcake and wore it proudly.
Just a little fall baking thrown in there.
So I can't quit making Mix and Match Mama's Caramel Apple Pie Neiman Marcus bars.  They are a burst of fall in your mouth and to die for.  Like I can't quit eating them!
We had to get a little need for speed out of our system before the baptism ceremony at the ranch.  You can't go out there and not play a little bit! ;)
What's funny is that Parker is a very cautious driver.  Look at her face...doesn't it make you think twice about putting her behind the wheel when she's older??  
Steve asking Katherine who her Savior is...Jesus Christ.
"Buried with Him in baptism and raise to walk in newness of life!"
Romans 6:4
Asking Blake the same thing.
We are so proud of these two...the very best decision of their lives and we were so honored to be a part of this day!
And to end...this one got her flu shot today and the tears dried up when she was allowed to get not one, but two suckers!  Amazing what a sucker can fix! ;)

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  1. Yay! I'm so glad you guys tried my bars!! I haven't made those yet this fall, but now you have me craving some. I better get on it!