Sunday, October 9, 2016

Full on fall!

We are having the most gorgeous weather this fall!  It is so enjoyable and we find ourselves doing most things outdoors these days because in the back of our minds, we know the cold is coming.  Boo!!  In the mean time, we will soak up this wonderful season!

You'll notice a theme dresses on Sydney.  She loves dresses and pink so she wears the same things over and over.
Bubble fun!!
Enjoying a new park in Amarillo!
Zip line!
We've been walking the neighborhood a ton lately...she's my little buddy!
We've even been watching football outside.
Nessie and Grandad came up for a visit and we soaked up the weather! and lots of football!
They were still just for a moment.
Climbing on the new playground.
This one particular day we brought a loaf of bread to feed the ducks.  Sydney found "mother goose" and wanted so badly for the goose to eat out of her hand.
"Why she swimming away Mommy?"  
Melt me.  I love these days.
Posing for a pic at our grocery store.
Saturday mornings have been full of watching this guy do his thing on the football field!  Parker loves him some flag football.
We made a trip to visit our local pumpkin patch so we could decorate our front porch.
My pretty girl before church.
And sassy pants after ballet one day.  She ripped her white tights (on purpose) because she didn't want to go to ballet.  She went anyway with bare legs and came out smiling.  Bonus...she got to ditch the ballet slippers for cowboy boots.  I may not have a ballerina in my future but I love her anyway! ;)

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  1. The picture of your kiddos on the driveway is my absolute favorite. Just so precious!