Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Thanksgiving 2016

Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's hard to believe!  Celebrating with both families out at the ranch was what we did this year!  First, my family came up from Dallas a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving to celebrate and then we were out there with the Austin crew over the holiday.  The weather was perfect!
I had been waiting to get my  hands on this baby for a couple of months!  I finally got to meet my new nephew, Rhett Easton!  Love him!
Sweet cousins at the lake.
You know you have an awesome uncle when he folds himself up into your Razor for a ride! ;)
These kiddos love a four wheeler ride!
Grandad with his girls.
Uncle Ryan with the boys (minus Rhett)!
Swinging on the "swurfer".
It's just fun to pull out the John Deer tractor...they actually had to use it to pull a truck that was high centered.  Someone may or may not have been off-roading!  Ha!
A few weeks later we headed back out and this girl got to drive the dirt road in Daddy's lap.
Thanksgiving morning we ran a turkey trot literally over the hill and through the woods!  Running 3.2 miles before the big feast felt good!
When you find a big cow bone in the woods, you have to carry it around! ;)
Scarlett and Sydney, sweet second cousins.
Auntie Liesl taking the big and little kids on a mule ride.
My boy and his feast!
Sydney loves horses but has never asked to ride one.  Sloan saddled some on Saturday and she asked to get on one.  Nana was a big horse rider back in the day so she was just the one to teach Sydney how to do it right.  

She loved it!

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  1. What a special time with family!! I love all of the outdoor pics :).