Monday, December 5, 2016

All things Christmas

We are in full on Christmas mode over here and it's so much fun!  Christmas is so magical with little ones in the house and I am soaking it in as much as I can.  We are also instilling in them the reason that we celebrate this season in the first place and that is the birth of Jesus Christ our Lord!

Our little elf arrived complete with a North Pole breakfast.  My kids just stared at him while they ate! Ha!  
Our wonderful neighbors send the kids this amazing gingerbread house from Williams Sonoma every year.  It's amazing!!
Such a fun surprise to open each year!
Happy December 1st!!
Our neighbors were out of town this past weekend and the lights on their tree had been going up for days.  We got a message from them asking if Parker would do the honors and light their tree up!
Ta da!!
A selfie with the tree!
The night we lit the tree it was freezing cold, foggy and drizzling...perfect December weather to light up a tree and then go back inside for hot chocolate!!

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  1. I love these pics Lauren! And I'm super impressed by that gingerbread house too :).