Friday, July 24, 2009

Parker is 2 months old!

Oh how the time flies sweet one! You have learned to do so much in your two short months of life! You become more and more of a joy to me and daddy everyday! This month you have learned to smile and you flash it every once in a while at us, especially when you're naked on the changing table. You are able to hold your head up much better on your own. You love tummy time and have gotten great at lifting your head a little off the ground. You are the MOST content baby!! You love to swing in your swing, ride on mommy in the Baby Bjorn and just chill out in our lap. We love you so much Parker and we look forward to all that you're going to learn in the months ahead!

Mommy and daddy

2 months old!

Hanging out with mommy

Tummy time

I caught that smile on camera! It's not easy you know! :)

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  1. I cannot believe how much he's changed - just since I saw him a few weeks ago! Girl, I'm sure many people have told you this, but it truly does just keep getting better and better!