Wednesday, July 15, 2009

4th of July

Sweet summer time, I love it!! We had a blast out at the ranch with the whole Austin family celebrating the 4th. More swimming, four wheelers, skeet shooting and even some cake decorating went on that weekend. I hate to say unfortunately when it comes to rain up here, but we had a big storm blow over the night of the 4th, so no fire works. No worries...there's always Labor Day weekend when we're all back out there to shoot them off ( if the boys can wait that long)!

Adelynn, Faith, Parker and I making our 4th of July cake!
(the girls found the picture and recipe in a magazine and asked me to make it with them, I was honored!)

Having fun!

Ta da! Finished product! It was delicious, it came from "Family Circle" if anyone wants to know! It had a very light texture and a nice lemon undertone. (I'm the foodie of the family!)

Parker meeting Ruben and Olivia for the first time!
(James's cousin and her husband)

My little man sporting red, white and blue for the 4th

My very gun shy dog lying at my feet in the mule while the guys shoot skeet...pathetic!
She IS a bird dog, I think! :)

Family pic...notice the little fan on the Baby Bjorn, it keeps Parker nice and cool!

Pool time!

Uncle Luke giving Parker a mohawk...yikes!

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  1. Great pics, Lauren! Good to catch up yesterday!