Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I don't know about you, but this time of year when the weather starts warming up and Spring fever hits, I get so ready to ditch my comfort food recipes I've been eating all winter and make something fresh! Lately I've been busting out my spring/summer recipes and cooking them and it has been SO delightful! I am so over eating casseroles and bowls of chili for a while! :)

The recipe I am sharing with you today came from this website: It is called Island Pork Salad and the flavors truly make you feel as if you are eating something tropical. The ingredients are so fresh and work very well together. I encourage you to add this to your menu this spring/summer, it's just too good and healthy to pass up! Of course I can't just follow a recipe exactly, I have to change it a bit! Ha! I only used spinach and didn't add Napa cabbage and I halved it for just the two of us. Those were the only changes.

Here are the main ingredients...pork tenderloin, spinach, avocado, red bell pepper, an orange, golden raisins and a random lime that is used for the dressing.
The only thing I'm not showing you are the ingredients for the dressing (easy) as well as the pork glaze (brown sugar and garlic).

The lighting is bad here, but look at those colors! So inviting and delicious!
I added roasted almonds for another punch of flavor.

In the meantime...
Parker got haircut #5! I assured Junior today that I would not be bringing my camera to Parker's haircuts for the rest of his life! :) As usual, Parker did a great job. He sat there like a pro and let Junior cut away!

Mom, really, stop taking pictures of this!
I think it's funny how you can see James and I watching him in the reflection of the mirror!

Getting brushed off

Home again, home again, jiggity jog!

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  1. Lauren, Parker is so grown up with his haircut. he's adorable.