Tuesday, September 7, 2010

So long summer

It pains me to blog about Labor Day weekend because it means that summer is over. :(
I LOVE summer, it is my very favorite season and I'm really sad to see it go. However, there is a tiny part of me that gets excited about picking out the perfect pumpkin and drinking pumpkin spice lattes! It's just that once it starts turning cool here, it takes FOREVER to warm back up, that's why I hate to see summer go!
Side note, we've already gotten down to 48 degrees at night, now do you understand my sorrow for summer ending????

OK Back to our weekend...to celebrate the end of summer and Labor day weekend, the Austin fam all went out to the ranch for some serious fun! The weekend started off cool and then got hot by the end which was nice for the pool! Ruben and Olivia even came up from Dallas with their brand new addition, Juliet. She is precious and we all had so much fun meeting her! Here are some pics from the weekend...

We all got out there Friday late afternoon and started off the weekend with four wheeler rides!

Katherine stayed inside to "help" Nana make a chocolate dessert! My kind of girl! :)

Now that Parker is walking, he and Blake are partners in crime! :)

Ruben and Olivia arrived late that night with Juliet and we were all so excited to meet her!


This boy was on the move and into anything that had to do with dirt!

Notice throughout the blog that Parker always has a stick or rock in his hand at all times! :)
Such a boy!

Saturday morning bacon being cooked.

Result of a late night armadillo hunt James and Luke went on. They have destroyed the ranch house yard, there are little holes everywhere. A total of six went down!

Bored? Hop on the water tank and let Uncle Steve take you for a ride!

I love this pic, it's so Katherine! Always in her pink boots, shorts and riding that John Deer!

The ONE thing I like about it turning cooler is that I can dress my boy in Oshkosh overalls, I LOVE them!!

This is Labor day last year, what a difference!

Sweet boy

A favorite pic


Faith is so good with Parker!

Even when he attempts to throw rocks at her.

And he's off!

Notice the diaper down to his knees...since it's the end of summer, I ran out of swim diapers and Parker had to swim in a regular one. Ha! They really do hold a lot of liquid! :) Poor baby could hardly walk when he got out of the pool!

It's amazing how many goldfish this child can fit into his mouth!

As always, a very rough game of water basketball went down.
The men have been known to lose skin off their feet, receive black eyes, scratches, bruises, etc.
Yet they always seem to have fun! :)

Parker watching from a safe distance!

Parker learned how to honk the horn on the mule, so funny!

Me and my little man before we headed home.


  1. Girl! I'm so jealous of your weather! I'll switch with you and you can have the hot Dallas heat :).

  2. Isn't it wonderful to see the cousins play!? Great entertainment for each other. I love it!