Monday, September 20, 2010

The Broadmoor

Last Thursday James's parents, Jim and Ann, took us along with James's brother, Luke, and his family to the Broadmoor hotel in Colorado Springs, CO. It was only a five and half hour drive from Amarillo which was so nice...Parker could not have done a minute longer in the car though. Now that he's walking, he is so over being in his car seat for an extended period of time! :)

Anyway, this is hands down the nicest hotel I've ever been to! We loved every minute of our stay here. The grounds were absolutely beautiful and there were tons of things for all the kids to do! The ornate detail of this hotel is incredible, even the ceilings were fun to look at!
Meredith and I were even treated to a spa afternoon while the guys played golf and Nana entertained the kids, it was heaven!! Why is it that 70 minutes on a massage table can feel like 5 minutes? Simply not fair!
Thank you Jim and Ann for such a wonderful trip! Here are some pics of our weekend...

This is very blurry but I just had to put it on here! That is a pic of the "PH" on the elevator button! None of us had every stayed in the penthouse before so we were thrilled when we got in the elevator and got to push that button!!

Our lovely room!

The living room that connected all of our rooms

The entrance into the penthouse

This pic begins a series of pics that show inside and the grounds outside the Broadmoor!
There were walking trails all around the little lake that connected to all the buildings

The ceilings were amazing! This hotel was built in 1917 and they brought Italian builders over to do these ceilings

Looking out from the main entrance

The front of the main building.

"If I were just a bit taller"! He wanted to play in the water so bad!

Faith and Katherine

Blake and Parker put some serious miles on those trucks!

Sometimes Parker would abandon his truck and mommy would have to come save it!

Here we are attempting a Christmas card pic, I don't think we were successful!

Parker would NOT look at the camera! Auntie M was being a clown behind the camera and Parker wouldn't give her the time of day! :) Good job anyway Meredith!!

Me and my boy!
(looking at the camera now that we're done trying to get a Christmas card pic)!

The prettiest pool ever!

The entrance to the pool

It was an infinity pool that blended with the lake in the middle of the hotel grounds.

His signature look...drool coming off the chin!

Three happy golfers! They said the courses were beautiful!

A glimpse of what most our meals looked like...plenty of crayons and coloring sheets to go around!

Parker sitting with Adelynn and Katherine while riding to the zoo Saturday morning

Feeding the giraffes!

The Cheyenne Mountain zoo was just five minutes away and was perched on the side of the mountain, so it was ALL uphill! The best was when we turned around and went down! :)

This was Parker's first trip to a zoo and it was more than he could handle!

I think the zoo wore him out so much that all he could do was sit in his dump truck on the playground!

Saturday night was a big deal! The six of us had never been to dinner by ourselves without kids and it was so much fun! We had babysitters come to the room so we could go out to a very nice dinner!!
Just hanging out Sunday morning before breakfast!
He was watching tv in his truck when I took this pic!

Parker became a fan of the slide on the playground!

So elegant

Sunday morning before we went home, Luke's kids finally got to ride the paddle boats they'd been wanting to ride all weekend long! :)

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