Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More snow!

After howling winds and a wind chill of -25 all day yesterday, we woke up to more snow this morning, 8 inches worth to be exact! It was enough to actually shut down Amarillo schools this time. James was brave enough to make the trek to work but Parker and I stayed in our warm jammies all day long and had some fun!

I lost this little ruler when I stuck it down in the snow, so I pulled it out so you could see the top...that's 8 inches! I know to some of you 8 inches is child's play, but it was a sight for us!

Waco was the first one to check it out

Starting our snow day out right with Sesame Street!!

This boy loves SS!

This is Parker's latest thing...when he's hungry, he gets into the drawer where the bibs are, pulls one out and walks around with it tucked under his chin. I guess it's his way of dropping a hint!

We busted out some playdough that he got for Christmas. He had a hard time understanding that it was for playing, not eating! ;)

After nap time we bundled up and got outside to play in the white stuff! The temp was 10 degrees so we didn't stay out very long.

Having trouble walking.


James came home from work early and got out the snow blower and four wheeler with the snow blade and got busy clearing out paths!

We are thankful for such a hard worker! :)

Parker and Waco followed James from window to window watching him clear the snow!

Watching in the nursery

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