Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ski Trip

Last weekend we went with Austin fam to Taos, NM to ski and we had a blast! ONE of the perks to living in Amarillo is that we can hop in the car and five hours later we're skiing down the slopes! 13 adults + 6 kids in 2 condos= some serious closeness with family! :) Jim and Ann's whole family went as well as Jane and Steve's!

Parker loved playing with all his cousins and my MIL Ann was so sweet to stay back at the condo with Parker and the other small ones so James and I could ski together with the group! I had visions of Parker being all bundled up in his cute ski clothes sledding down the hill with his cousins...let's just say he wanted NOTHING to do with all that ski gear. I am praying this changes because Taos takes them at 3 years old in ski school and I can't wait to sign him up! (Actually I can wait, I'm not ready for my baby to be 3 yet!!)

Our group leaving the condo and about to take off! The snow was perfect and the temp was "warm"!


L to R:
Sloan, Tripp, me, James, Steve, Jim and Ruben
We're so fortunate in that we are all great skiers and can ski together, we don't have to split up which is so nice!

Cute couple Sloan and Liesl

me with Ruben and James
We always stop for some "to die for" Ghiradelli hot chocolate on the mountain about mid-afternoon! It's the best!

Not a bad self portrait, Liesl! :)

I LOVE skiing with my hubby!

Steve, Liesl and Tripp enjoying hot chocolate.

The cutest little skiers on the mountain, Faith and Adelynn! They are eight and nine and have become quite good!

Oh boy, dinner at a restaurant Saturday night! When you factor in that many kids into a dinner out, you're sure to have a very "lively" time!! ;)
Meredith, Liesl and I had fun on the "kid" end of the table!

Tripp, Luke and James
Did I mention Luke decided to go flying off a ski jump Saturday morning, didn't exactly stick the landing and tore his ACL?? He was finished at 11 Saturday morning and spent the rest of the trip on crutches. We are praying for a good MRI report tomorrow.

Bad pic but I couldn't resist.
Here are ALL the kiddos Saturday night after dinner, after bath time and more than ready for bed! Notice Blake covering his eyes, he didn't even want to see a camera!
L to R: Parker, Blake, Faith holding Juliet, Katherine, and Adelynn


  1. Looks like so much fun, Lauren! Glad ya'll had such great weather. Love you!

  2. Fun times! Those little ones will all be chasing you guys down the slopes before you know it! I'm so glad that you get to do this as a family. You truly do love the snow AND the beach, don't you?? Let's catch up soon!