Monday, February 28, 2011


Today Parker's buddy Jack came over to play for the afternoon! What in the world do two toddler boys do together? Well...

They draw, I mean scribble with sidewalk chalk...or eat it in Jack's case. No worries, he never ingested any, I was fast! :)

The two artists at work!

One, who shall remain nameless, kept throwing it to see how many pieces it would break into!

They stuffed their faces with Cheerios!
Since Jack didn't have a booster seat, I stood right next to him the whole time making sure he didn't budge...he kept eyeing me like I was there to steal his Cheerios, never mess with a toddler and his Cheerios! :)

Parker showed off his climbing on coffee table skills. His pants are gone because he decided to use his blue jeans as a canvas with his chalk.

And when all options have been explored, you empty the toy basket!! These two had lots of fun today!

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