Thursday, March 3, 2011

A favorite!

What a day! It is March 3rd and the high is almost 80 degrees today! I can't tell you how incredibly happy that makes me! In honor of warm weather, Parker and I did one of my favorite things in the world...have a picnic outside!
Just ask my husband, he had to endure more picnics than he could count on the campus of Baylor University while we were dating! There is just something about eating outside during the beautiful Spring weather!

Parker LOVED his picnic today! We had a special time in the backyard just eating and laughing. Thank you Lord for the warm weather and please help it to stay around! ;)

So fun!

The boy can eat blueberries until he's "blue in the face"!


Not sure why he likes to put food in his hair...trait of a toddler maybe??

I was looking down at my camera and when I looked up, he was seriously posing for me! What a little heartbreaker!!

And once lunch was over he wanted to "water" the non-existent flowers in the beds.
What a love he is!!

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  1. The picture of him posing is so cute! What a hunk!