Monday, March 28, 2011

Birthday fun!

On Saturday afternoon, Parker's friend, True, had his second birthday party. It is always so entertaining to watch little kids interact with one another, they are so funny! True had a "Toy Story" themed party and the cake was Buzz Lightyear, it was so cute! It made me excited to plan Parker's 2nd party in May! Here are a few pics from the fun afternoon...


Parker and True sharing Cheetos.

Parker is biting True's head...really? Instead of pushing or shoving him out of the way, he bites. Somebody help me!!!!

Playing nicely together. These boys loved the playhouse...they even took their Cheetos into the playhouse to eat. Who needs birthday cake when you have Cheetos?

This is the bounce house most of the kids enjoyed!
True's older sister, Emmy and her friend, were all decked out in princess dresses! The girls had on dresses and the boys had orange Cheeto fingers! :)

Anyone who knows the males in the Austin family will have a true appreciation for this picture. While all the other kids are off playing in the bounce house, Parker is over in the yard "mowing" by himself! He's obsessed with mowing, we have GOT to get this child a play mower so he can mow with daddy! :)

In fact, this is what he does anytime James mows outside...he is glued to the window to watch every move he makes with the mower!
I am keeping these pictures for when he's older and HATES mowing because HE is the one responsible for mowing our yard! :)


  1. So cute, Lauren! Sorry I don't have any advice for biting! Hopefully it's a phase that will pass quickly. ; )

    Love you.

  2. The biting and the cheetos crack me up - although I'm sure the biting isn't very fun for you! Maybe Parker just likes to "tastes" things?? Can it please be July already?