Thursday, March 24, 2011


On Tuesday, Parker and I met our friends at the Discovery Center to see the dinosaur exhibit. Parker doesn't even own a play dinosaur and we've never even read dino books, so I was a little unsure of how he'd react. Well...let's just say that there were lots of tears and a death grip on mommy! I hope I didn't scar him for life over this! We are going to have to get some dino books and toys and try again next year! We still had fun with our friends! :)

These dinosaurs moved, roared and opened their mouths. They also followed you with their eyes! I must admit, I was a little scared too! It was freaky how their eyes watched you! :)

This is the one that sent Parker over the edge. He was loud and tall and brought on tears and fear!

Doing better. At this point we went back into the little kid play area. String cheese and a tambourine are good for the soul! :)

Parker and his friends Maddie and Brielle.

Inside the triangular mirror tunnel!

Sweet boy.

This is totally off subject...
We were in Target the other day (my favorite place to kill time and money) and I found this shirt! It's perfect for Parker because if you don't know, he bites. My child has been labeled a biter. He bites other kids in the nursery...we've drawn blood, we've left bruises and we've had an incident report filed on us! Parker bites so therefore this is his new shirt to wear! ;)

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