Monday, October 24, 2011

Fall at the ranch

Since moving to Amarillo three years ago, I have come to love the season Fall.  We actually have one up here in the Panhandle and it's just beautiful!  Mom and Dad came up to the ranch this weekend to play and enjoy the cooler temps and pretty colors with us!  The weather was absolutely picture perfect...fleece in the mornings and short sleeves by the afternoon.  Enjoy ALL the pics!  :)

 I love this sign, it's a neat entrance onto the ranch!

 My boy playing golf in the woods.

 Petting the horses.

 Love this.

 Looking for pumpkins in the patch!
(with golf club in hand)

 The Fall flowers are so pretty out there!

 Sadly, the very last harvest from the garden.

 Even more sad...the pool is closed for the winter.  It takes such a LONG time for it to warm back up around here.

 Friday evening, we went fishing in the creek.

 James caught a huge bass!  I had no idea there were fish that big in that creek!

 So, I decided to give it a luck.
That's why I hate fishing, I never even get a bite and I completely lose patience and interest.

 My sweet first "child".

 Just chillin' watching everyone fish.

 Mule ride with Neesie and Grandad.

 Dad, James and I went hunting Friday night, this stinky little guy was our only casualty.

 Drawing in the dirt.

 Parker loves four wheeler rides!

 Dad and James filling the deer feeders.  I felt the need to go around warning the deer of their impending season.  :(  Run Bambi, run!

 This child would swing for hours and hours!

 So stinkin' cute!!

 Pretty trees beginning to turn.

And I'll leave you with these...pumpkin chocolate - chip cake cookies.
One word...AWESOME!!  Since mom and I are obsessed with dark chocolate, I used dark chocolate chips and they were fantastic!!!  A must make situation!  You can find the recipe here on a friend's blog.  


  1. What a wonderful fall weekend! I'm sooooo jealous! Parker gets cuter by the minute!

  2. Parker looks so old in that first picture, Lauren! Love you!

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