Thursday, October 27, 2011

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!!

Can you believe it?  We woke up to SNOW, yes, I said snow!!  It started snowing in the middle of the night and it's still going as I type this!  Amarillo got between 31/2 to 5 inches by this afternoon!
This is the first snow Parker has experienced since he's been talking. He keeps looking out the window and saying "no" for snow, and "cold outside".  We've had a fun, cozy day inside!  All these pics were taken with my iPhone not my real camera, not the best quality!

 Tree in the front yard still full of leaves and heavy with snow!

 We drove down to our neighborhood park/walking trails to see how pretty it was!

 Parker's playground.  He kept saying "swing, mommy, swing".  Not today son!  :)

 Knocking the snow off his slide.
 Watching it from inside.

 I'm hoping our Crepe Myrtle tree doesn't break from the weight!  My nice green fern on the table is history after today.  :(

 The flowers covered under the snow were our gorgeous Lantana out in front.  They were so pretty all summer, I'm sure they are nice and wilted after today.  James was cute last night...he knew it was going to freeze so he went outside and just stared at the front yard.  He was so proud of all his hard work all he should be!  It looked great!

Just because it felt like the right thing to do on a snowy afternoon, Parker and I made some pumpkin muffins!  Our house smells awesome!  I took my favorite pumpkin bread  recipe and poured into a muffin tin and baked on 375 for 25 minutes!

My little helper standing in my colander!


  1. Don't you love each new season this year? The boys are really "getting it" this time around!

  2. Can you feel my jealousy all the way from McKinney? I am so jealous. Soooooo jealous!

  3. Seriously? Snow? I wouldn't have believed you if it weren't for the pictures. That is crazy! Really missing you friend. Yes, let's talk soon...the hard part is finding a time when baby isn't screaming or I'm not busy keeping my head above water with the cooking and laundry. HA!

  4. By the way, almost commented on your last post about the "skunk kill" but decided not to!

  5. SNOW!? Before Halloween? That's crazy! Beautiful, too.

    Looks like winter has come...ready or not. ; )