Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

We had a pretty uneventful Halloween this year because Parker has no clue what it was!  He just thinks it's a day that I lose my mind and make him wear a silly costume.  He did however enjoy the candy part of it.  All he wanted were suckers...he has no idea what candy bars are and I'd like to ride that as long as possible!  :)
We trick-or-treated up at James's law firm and then went home to carve a pumpkin together.  It ended up being just me and James doing all the work.  Parker was asking to go to bed at 7:00, so we put him down, made dinner and had a nice quiet evening to ourselves.  I know the days are coming when our Halloween will be full of activity, so for now, this is nice!
 I have the best memories of my dad helping us carve our pumpkin while mom was in the kitchen roasting the pumpkin seeds... I did the same and they were delish!

 My little monkey! 
(he's obsessed with Curious George)

The tail was my favorite part!

Happy boy with his sucker!

 Going office to office for candy!
The secretaries are the best, they just love these little ones and can't wait to hand out their candy!

 Parker and his princess, Maddie.

 Going in for a kiss!  These two are smitten!

 Stuffing his face with a sugar cookie while staring at the computer screen...the screensaver really caught his eye.

Playing on the computer.

 Time to go, he had had enough of the hat!

My sweet husband carving the pumpkin.  
Parker sat at the bar stool for all of a minute and then climbed down to play.  Maybe next year he'll get into it more!

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  1. So sweet! Nice, quiet evenings are priceless. Glad you all enjoyed Halloween.