Monday, December 5, 2011

Baby it's COLD outside!

"Burr rabbit" as I like to say!  It is so COLD wind chill of 8 degrees cold.  That translates into...a fire in the fire place, warm fuzzy blankets, movies, chili in the crock pot, games and arts and crafts!  I'm so thankful it snowed, if it's going to be that cold, we might as well have snow on the ground!  Thank you Lord for the moisture, no matter what form it comes in!  :) Here is a glimpse of what Parker and I did on our snowy day...

 A peak out the side patio window...didn't even want to open the door!
(Don't ask me how that plant is still standing upright, I'm pretty sure it should be shriveled up and dead by now).

 Snuggle time with Waco!

 We busted out some cotton balls, I mean snow, and made a snow man!

 I was brave and even let Parker handle the glue...he did great!  He loves doing arts and crafts!

 We talked a lot about baby Jesus and what his "bed" (manger) looked like.
Parker stopped drawing long enough to let me snap this picture!  The manger is two popsicle sticks we colored brown and the straw is raffia that I just cut up and let him glue down.  It's been so much fun watching Parker start to "see" Christmas for the first time this year.  The lights, the tree, decorations, and hearing him talk about baby Jesus is the sweetest thing!

And here is our crazy dog hiding under the dining room table while resting her chin on the chair.  She likes to be near us but at a distance at the same time.  I think she's afraid Parker is going to jump on her back and start riding her or something! ;)

Stay tuned, I think our high tomorrow is a balmy 25 degrees...we'll be doing more of the same!

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  1. You're introducing him to the "Cajun Night Before Christmas" right?? LOVE to see Parker doing crafts...brings the teacher back in you doesn't it?? Sip some hot chocolate and turn up the Christmas music for me!!