Wednesday, December 14, 2011

In full swing!

Wow!  It's amazing how fast the month of December flies by isn't it?  We have been super busy with Christmas shopping, parties and even a trip to Dallas thrown in there for the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert!  We also hosted a craft play date at our house where we made darling handprint Christmas ornaments!  The funny thing about this group is that they are ALL toddler boys!  There is one baby girl  (Sophie) who graces our presence, but she's so quiet, you'd  never know she's there! In the midst of all the busyness, we've been sure to remind ourselves and Parker what this season truly is about!  

 Monday morning at the Galleria mall!  Neesie got Parker his very own chicken nugget happy meal.  I was taking this pic to show James.  I kept asking Parker..."show daddy what you are eating".  Meaning, hold up a nugget for the camera.  He showed me alright!  ;)

 Love that big tree in the ice rink!  

 It's a tradition that mom, Lindsey and I meet up with Jane, Ann, Olivia and Liesl for the Michael W. Smith Christmas concert!  It's always such a fun night!

 We flew home Tuesday morning and quickly got to work on preparing for our craft play date that was at our house!

 Parker helped me make green rice krispie treat Christmas trees!

 One of our little creations!

 Parker's friend, Jack, gave him some yummy hot chocolate mix for Christmas.  Since it was a cold and rainy day, I made him his very first cup of goodness!  He LOVED it!

 For our craft, I mixed up some flour and salt dough, cut out circles and had the kids press their hands into the dough.  I baked them in the oven, let them cool and then the kids or moms got to paint them!  I loved the way they turned out!  I found the idea on Pinterest of course and you can see the recipe here.

 Parker's gold ornament!

 Layne with Clay and Lindsay with Seth.

 Jack Hickman

Clay with a mouth full of M&Ms!  A good time was had by all!


  1. Lauren, looks like ya'll are living it up! So fun.

    I bought my shirt from There is a link on my blog right above it.

    Merry Christmas! Love you!

  2. By crikey! That tree looks ginormous! There are kids at the base of it I take it and they look miniscule. Actually I've never seen a multi-storey ice rink before either. Or was it set up in a shopping mall or something? Amazing.