Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas 2011

To say we had a wonderful Christmas is an understatement!  Our time in Dallas was a blast and I'm really sad it's already over!  We were spoiled to date nights, shopping, Six Flags, play dates with friends, some serious Wii playing, and quality time with the fam!  I am so blessed to have a family that is fun to be around and who so graciously welcomes us home and makes our time there special!
It was so much fun watching Parker really get into it this year.  The tree, the lights, presents, baby Jesus...the whole nine yards!  I think one of the highlights of our time there was watching him at Holiday in the Park at Six Flags!  He and Leah were so big and rode every ride in Looney Tune Land!  It was adorable!  I didn't take near as many pics as I wanted...

So excited about all of the presents!

 This is so cute...while James and I were out shopping one day, mom and Parker made a gingerbread house!

 Just making sure it tastes ok!

 Arriving at Holiday in the was frigid!!

James took Parker on his very first ride!  They rode the big trucks!

The whole gang!
This was right before we split up.  You see, we have the roller coaster riders and the weenies.  I am in the weenie group and proud of it! 

 Me and my boy...he was obsessed with all the lights!

 Leah and Parker rode the tea cups all by themselves!

Lindsey and I took Parker and Leah on the carousel!

 It's a tradition, even when I was a little girl and came out here, we always ended the night on the carousel!  

 Waking up Christmas morning to walk down the hall and see what Santa brought!

 A new tool bench!  Parker was in heaven!

 Still trying to wake up.

 He also got a drill and hammer set.  I'm thinking he might become a handy man!

 Leah and her new Barbie doll...the cutest!!

 Merry Christmas!

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  1. Lauren, Parker looks SO much like James! So glad ya'll had a merry Christmas.

    Love you and think of you all the time.