Friday, February 24, 2012

Jump high Parker get up off your feet!

That was a cheer that I remember from high school and now I yell it for Parker when he is on a trampoline, he loves it and chants it with me!  This morning we met a bunch of mommies and kids at Cheer Texas, this huge gymnastics/cheerleading gym here in town. Every Friday morning they have open gym for just $5 and the kids can jump on all the equipment until their heart's content!  Parker was flat out exhausted when we left resulting in an awesome nap time!!

 Jumping so high and having so much fun!

 Stacking the foam block

 Parker's cute little friend, Brielle, loved playing in the foam pit.  I couldn't get Parker in there to play, he was more interested in stacking or kicking them!

 Sweet boy!

This is him right before we left...worn out!  

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  1. How precious is Parker in that last picture! Every time I leave one of these places I think we are gonna get a good nap, the opposite occurs, I think B gets so roweled up she can simmer down haha! Had fun with you guys!