Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My big boy

Parker is just getting so big!  I look at him and see a little boy, not a toddler anymore which is so sad to me.  They grow up fast!  I know I've said it before, but this child has a true passion for sports.  It really amazes me actually.  We don't push sports, I don't fill his toy box with only balls and golf  clubs, he just has a God-given love and talent for sports.  He hops from playing soccer, to baseball, to basketball, to golf, to tennis.  I look forward to seeing which one he really takes to!  Right now he carries his golf club with him everywhere.  It goes in the car with us, it goes inside Walmart, he would sleep with it if we let him.  It just doesn't seem right to let a child sleep with a golf club!  Ha!  ;)  He even wanted to take it inside MDO this morning and I sadly had to hide it so he wouldn't think about it!

 At the park (the gold club is present, just not in the pic!)

 Floating leaves down the stream.

 Eating snow...most of it had melted.

 Opening a special Valentine's day surprise from Neesie and Grandad!

A new book and a monkey!  He would NOT put the golf ball and club down to open the present!  :)

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