Monday, February 13, 2012

Potty training weekend

Well, this past weekend was the big 3 day potty training boot camp.  It was a LONG weekend.  Long.  James was out of town on a ski trip, the temperature never got above freezing and I was inside following around a 2 year old with carpet cleaner.  Long weekend.  However, I am happy to report that it was for the most part, a huge success!!
Parker did not have one accident today and we were out of the house all morning long.  I dropped him off in the gym nursery, went to two workout classes (because I needed to blow off extra steam and all the brownies I ate, brownies kept me sane this weekend) and picked him up in the SAME clothes and undies!!  I could not have been more proud of him!  He went potty for his teacher and it totally helped that the other two girls in the nursery with him are also potty training.  He was so proud to show his little girl friends his Thomas the Train undies!  It was hysterical!
Anyway, we still have our hurdles to jump over.  He still won't tell me when he needs to go, I have to ask him.  He still has not gone #2, another thing that will take time.  All in all I am SO proud of Parker and so glad he is officially out of diapers!  Woohoo!

Here are some very random pics of our weekend, taken on my iPhone.

 Showing off his undies bright and early Saturday morning!

 Sunday morning before I even put him in his undies for the day (we do Pull Ups at night), we made waffles together.  It was a nice distraction for what was ahead!

 Amazing, healthy waffle recipe!  Has whole wheat flour, oats, cinnamon and very little sugar and oil!  It calls for buttermilk, I was fresh out, so I used plain yogurt.  It worked beautifully!  You can find the recipe here.  I spread almond butter and drizzled honey over mine, what a treat!

 Hanging out in the toy box.  

Playing ball in his boots.

One happy boy to be outside today!

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