Monday, March 26, 2012

Just the 3 of us!

This weekend was gorgeous so we took off to the ranch on Friday afternoon for some family fun outdoors!  It was perfect the moment we stepped out of the truck, warm temps, beautiful blooms, green grass and a lot of land to run and play on!  Here's what we did...

 It was dinner time when we arrived so I quickly made home made pizza and we ate around the fire pit!

 Next it was time to swing from the tree.

 There was a beautiful sunset that evening.

 Parker was rockin' the boots and shorts look!  ;)

 Time to burn some trash.  Parker got a kick out of this.

 A tennis game bright and early Saturday morning.  In fact, as we ate breakfast, Parker was bringing in his boots and jeans and asking to go outside.  We couldn't eat fast enough!  ;)

 Waco had fun too, she had an early morning swim!

 Next we took off on the four wheelers to check out all the standing water everywhere, the ranch has had quite a bit of RAIN!!  Praise the Lord!

 Over the winter some beavers were busy building a dam creating this little water fall!

 Only I would have an appreciation for these...owl pellets.  Back in my science teaching days we would dissect these and find all kinds of bones from what the owls had eaten.  So cool!  And yes, I dissected one with a stick, I couldn't resist! (fyi, owl pellets are from what the owls regurgitate, not poop, these pellets are created in their stomachs and then come back you've just had a little science lesson here!)  ;)

 This kid could spend hours throwing sticks into a pond.  Even sticks bigger than him.

 We did a little hiking as well.

 The lake was nice and full!

 Such a welcome sight...wildflowers!!  Last summer during the severe drought, there was not a wild flower to be found, much less some green grass!

 Love these boys!

   I could just eat him up!!

 The apple tree was in full bloom!

Posing with his beloved dump truck!

 We stopped by the stables to pet the horses.

 The sky was such an awesome clear blue.

 There were blooms everywhere and it smelled wonderful!

 Lunch outside!

 A PB & J smile!

 We ended the fun afternoon with four wheeler rides!

The 80 degree weather felt fantastic!  Bring on summer!


  1. I love this post and am a big fan of family time! You're making me ready to get to the farm!

  2. OK, seriously, you and the owl! Didn't know I lived with such a nerd in college. HA!