Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring break fun!!!

Parker and I went down to Dallas for our third annual Spring break week and as always, it was so much FUN!!!  Everything was in full bloom and green and warm, pure bliss!  Mom and dad made sure we had a great time...we shopped, visited the arboretum, went to the zoo, ate out, visited grand parents, coffee with a precious friend, and the list goes on!  The weather could not have been more  perfect, I love me some humidity!!  When you don't live in it, you miss it, it's like a vacation for the skin.  :)
Thanks mom and dad for another awesome week of fun during Spring break!  We love you!!  WARNING:  Picture overload!

Let's start this picture fest off with some major cuteness!!

These make me happy!  A true sign of Spring and just absolutely gorgeous at the Dallas Arboretum!  Definitely one of the biggest highlights of going to the Big D in spring time!

 Parker and Leah ready to see some flowers!

 "Mells good mommy"!

 Me and my boy


 Framing this one!!
The azaleas were fantastic!

 Snack time!

 Isn't this lovely?  Green!!!!

 A failed attempt at a grandkid/grandparent pic.

 Cousin love!

 Baby Ty didn't feel well that day, such a sweet boy.

 Watchin' the water.  Parker is seriously planning in his head how fast he could run through that water without us catching him!  I know him.

 Grandad and P

 Grandad was a great tour guide!
The next day we hit up the Dallas Zoo!  Parker was just a little tike the last time we went to a zoo, so he loved seeing all the animals!

 Petting the goats!

 "Big fish"!

 This was my favorite, petting the giraffes!  Brought back a great memory of petting them in Kenya, Africa!
Rewind to 2006...never thought in this pic that I would pet one with my little boy one day!  ;)


 We had lots of outdoor play time at Neesie and Grandad's house!

Crazy driver.

Time with Dede!
I didn't get a pic, but we visited Mema and Papa home!  Paps is out of the hospital!!  Hooray!

We went out to dinner Friday night and this kid had his first taste of onion rings, he loved them!

One of my favorites of the week was going to coffee with this dear friend!  Love you Ash, thanks for taking time out for me!  :)

Saturday we drove over to Ryan's (my brother) fire station and got a grand tour.  I'm so proud of my fireman/paramedic brother!  It was a treat to get an inside look at what he does!

 Inside the ambulance
First and hopefully last time in one, kind of eerie.

 Showing us how the valves and gauges work.

Parker even got to spray a fire hose!

 Ryan to the rescue!

 This may be my next calling...ruling the road in one of these babies!  Ha!

 We got a peak in every nook and cranny of a fire truck, so interesting!

"Put me in the car".
 P was a little freaked out at the lights and sounds.

I leave you with a pic of this fearless man, go get 'em Ryan!  


  1. Your brothers a fireman!! That's hot! haha! Landon always gets jealous cause I like me a fireman, he tells me, "Bankers are hot too, and our jobs can be dangerous" yeah right! I'm glad ya'll got to take that trip!

  2. All I have to say is that you Bucks crack me up! :)

  3. I can't even tell you how good it was to see you!!! THANK YOU for making the time. I love your heart and my "friendship cup" was overflowing as we left. So glad you had such a great spring break...let's definitely get together this summer! Love you!