Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Happy March!

This comes a couple days late, but better late than never!  I love March 1st, to me it means the arrival of Spring.  Although March and April can still be cold, there is just something mental about finally arriving at March!  Ha!  As usual, life has been busy keeping up with P- man.  Our days are getting warmer and it's just the best!  Here's what we've been up to...
 This is Parker telling us everything he learned about Jesus in Sunday school, so sweet!!  Please don't mind the mess in the background!  Anyone else have a house that just tends to get messy on the weekend?  Not sure how that happens!  :)

Parker has got going to the mall down...he knows if he is a good boy as we stroll (usually through the Gap), he can get a cookie on our way out!  Oh, and he can't eat it in the stroller, we have to sit down at a table and make it an event!  

 Potty training = a work in progress.  At least he looks cool, right?

 We've had 75 degree days and then last Friday night, we watched the snow fall!  God has been so creative with our weather lately!

 One of our favorite things to do just the three of us is to wake up Saturday morning and head straight for the Bagel Place!  Parker loves him a chocolate chip bagel!

 Do you see these?  Little blooms coming out on our trees...LOVE IT!!!

 Warmer weather means it's time to get all the equipment ready for yard work!  Parker follows James's every step in the yard.  It's adorable!

 Mowing with Daddy.

This is Parker's little friend, Chloe, like her glasses?  I walked back into Parker's room to check on them and I was met by this...Chloe wearing Mr. Potato Head's glasses.  I got a good laugh!

 Then it was Parker's turn!

 Going on a tricycle ride.

 We made a stop at Petsmart and somebody wanted to buy a bird...we didn't buy the bird.

 The wind has been nuts around here.  You never know what it might blow in...a tumbleweed as big as you are!  Don't worry, Parker beat it up with his racquet!

Just to keep you updated on the latest sporting events...Parker has given up the golf club and traded it in for his tennis ball and racquet.  He took them to the park and never played, just carried them!  
Happy Spring everyone!  :)  
Parker and I are Dallas bound next week and I can't WAIT for even warmer weather and of course, shopping!!!!!

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