Friday, May 4, 2012

The big 6-0

On Wednesday, my father -in- law, Jim, turned 60 and we threw him a big birthday party at our house!  Parker prepared all day by singing "happy birthday" and spelling out the letters on the birthday banner.  Jim and Ann had been gone for over two weeks on a cruise overseas and I don't know about you, but when I'm gone like that, the ONLY thing I want when I get home is some good ol Tex Mex and that's exactly what they got!  :)  Happy 60th Jim!

 The kids table
Blake, Parker, Adelynn and Katherine

 Cake time!

 Parker wanted to help blow out the candles so bad.  He'll have his turn at the end of this month!

 Katherine and Faith

 Nana always comes back from a trip with some goodies!  Parker and Blake got these red horns...I was thinking maybe that could be a toy that stays at Nana's house!  :)

 All the girls got some beautiful hand painted bowls from Istanbul, Turkey.

 Here is Blake practicing his horn blowing skills.  It didn't last long.

 These two have some serious fun together!
I don't have a pic of this because it was too gross, but I don't want to forget this memory...
Blake and Parker came in from playing outside and Parker announced he went poo in his pants.  It was the biggest blow out since his infant days.  B follows me into P's room and watches me clean him up.  B walks over to P and says...and I quote, "Pawkr, I don't wear diapers anymo, I wear big boy underwear."  I asked B to repeat that to P...peer pressure at it's best!

 I hate this pic is blurry, it is the cutest pic of Parker and great-great grandmother Dottie.

 Of course I couldn't recreate the pic because Parker was over it!

And here is the grown up 60 year old wearing one of his birthday cards!  :)

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