Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big birthday weekend!

I have always loved Memorial Day weekend because it means the start of summer!  Now I love it even more because it's Parker's birthday weekend!  I love how God chose to bless me with a child during my very favorite time of year...summer!  ;)  We celebrated our big 3 year old with a lot of fun out at the ranch with family!  It was made even more special because mom, dad and Lindsey drove up to join us!  I'll let the multitude of pictures explain the fun...

 My favorite pic of the whole weekend!

 Jim and James cooking bacon for our flinson breakfast Saturday morning!

 Swinging with Neesie or "Meesie" as Parker calls her.

 Going on a ride with Aunt Lindsey! 

 Hanging out with Grandad

Aunt Lindsey was a hit with all the kids!  ;)

 We had a big wind storm Friday night and this huge tree fell in the road.  Blocked road = fun project for Saturday!
 We got to get out the HUGE John Deer tractor to drag away pieces of the tree.

 Parker was a little unsure but loved it once he was up in it!

 The men hard at work!

 In the mean time...my mother-in-law is busy chasing snakes in the grass.
She was seriously trying to catch one in this pic!  

 Me and my boy!

 Two of the cutest little boys I know!

 While everyone was finishing up with the tree, Lindsey, mom and I came back to the house to get started on Parker's cupcakes for his Curious George party!

 Aren't they cute?

 I could eat him up!

 We had burgers, chips, fruit salad and this yummy broccoli salad I found on Pinterest.  It was a fun birthday lunch!

 Parker got some great "boy toys"!  A weed eater, a fishing pole and an awesome fire truck were among the many!

 Of course there was lots of pool time!

 Little Miss Katherine

 The boy takes weed eating seriously!  Our friend the eye surgeon (Dr. Sloan Rush) would be very proud of his protective eye wear!  :)

 Parker and Blake rode their John Deer tractor's all over creation!

 Swinging high with Grandad!
When he gets on the swing he says "swing high to the sky"!

All bundled up with Grandad after the pool.  Another favorite pic!
Happy birthday Parker James, we love you SO much!  Many more happy birthdays to be celebrated at our favorite place!


  1. Happy Birthday Parker!! I can't believe you're three?!?! I loved your cupcakes...your mama is way talented :).

  2. Happy Birthday precious boy!!! I love it all....the family, the fun, the ranch, those cute cupcakes, and Parker's "light up a room" smile. So glad you had such a great weekend!