Friday, June 1, 2012

Parker turns 3!

I'm not really sure how I have a three year old, but it's reality!  On Tuesday the 29th, our little man turned 3 and we made the day special!  We actually had his little party today and he had so much fun with his friends, splashing around in the backyard!  It has been so much fun watching Parker grow up with this same little group of buddies, God has been so good to bless us with such a wonderful group of friends!
Here's the birthday boy bright and early on his big day!  Daddy got him a special treat for breakfast!

Showing us how old he is!

Blowing out his candle

 He had a most special lunch...a picnic with his best buddy Jack!  These two are quite the team!

 Jack was all smiles having Parker in his backyard!

 That afternoon, our Tuesday play group got together to swim!  All of these mommy friends workout with me in the mornings and our kids have become buddies in the nursery.  We meet every Tuesday to play and we made Parker's day special by having a little pool party!

 Cupcakes were most definitely involved!

 His friend Henry brought him a cool golf set!

Leah with Eli and sweet Olivia smiling on the side

That night we took Parker to play his all time favorite!  (the putt putt version)  He loved it and was quite good!

 Parker's friend party was today and it was a Curious George party!

 The monkey cupcakes!

 Sweet little Sophie sitting tall in her lawn chair!
We had the party in the backyard...a picnic lunch and lots of swimming!

 All the kids had so much fun splashing in the swimming pools!

 Charlotte and Jack

 Julie, Jennifer and Amanda

 Parker's buddy True

Me and James with our birthday boy!

Singing "happy birthday"

 Chloe feeding Parker cupcake!

 All the chocolate faced kiddies!

 We had the cutest baby siblings join us as well.  Here are Cole and Sophie

 Rush took his chocolate very seriously!

Sweet Clay savoring every bite!

Happy birthday Parker, it's been a fun week long celebration!
And now I am tired.

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