Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Day 2 swim lessons

Parker's second day still started off with a lot of tears but again, he regained his composure and was able to do great during his little lesson!  His instructor, Luke, is so patient with him.  Like most 3 year olds, Parker can have some opinions of his own and isn't afraid to let Luke in on it!  ;)  Like yesterday, I watched from the balcony...out of sight!

You know you have a good swim instructor when he can hold a 3 year old little boy's attention despite the awesomeness of construction equipment surrounding you!  The golf course is being redone and Parker loves him some tractors and backhoes!  ;)

 Learning how to float on his back.

 Kicking and using his arms.

 About every five minutes, Parker would stop and ask for the water gun so he could shoot at the other lifeguards who were in the other pool!  Such a boy!

 More floating

 Going for a dive stick face first

And more target practice!  
After his lessons we stayed for 2 1/2 hours of more swimming...I think Parker has turned into a little fish!

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