Monday, August 6, 2012


This past Saturday, James and I had the girls I workout with and their families out to the ranch for a day of fun!  I think the only time we slowed down was to eat!  I am so blessed to have these girls...we go through the daily grind together.  Not only do we see each other at our "best" (no make up, workout clothes, hair in pony tails), but we have kids the same age and we support and love each other through each stage of life.  We laugh, we cry and we can talk up a storm (especially about food)!  I love these girls and I'm so grateful God has blessed me with their friendships!

The reason I love going to the gym everyday!
Leah, Julie, Tiffany and Amanda

 Two sweet girls, Charlotte and Olivia, Amanda's girls

 Kevin and Chloe (Julie's hubby and daughter)

Cooper (Julie's son) decked out in his Rangers gear and ready to ride the four wheelers!

Julie's fam fishing on the dock

Olivia caught a perch!

Olivia and Brian (Amanda's daughter and hubby)

Leah with sweet little Eli and Amanda with Charlotte
They had fun watching all the activity on the lake.

Teel, Tiffany's hubby, canoeing with the older boys, Cooper and Henry

Tiffany, Leah and Eli taking a four wheeler ride!

We ended the day with a game of frisbee golf!

 It was a fantastic day and we can't wait to do it again!!
I'm sad I didn't take one picture at the pool, but you can bet that's where we were during the heat of the afternoon!!  :)

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