Thursday, August 16, 2012

Summer days!

I print all of my blogs into a book and I know one day, when I'm old and gray, I'll love to sit down and live in the past.  ( I like to sit down and look at pics from just a year ago and wonder how my baby got so big).
 That's why I like to post about normal everyday life sometimes, not just the big events!
On a typical day this summer, we go to the gym in the morning and get home around 10:30, in time to take Waco to the park for her daily run before it's too hot.  We eat lunch and then pack up for the pool until about 3 and then it's nap time!  Daddy gets home and fires up the grill most evenings and then we are outside with daddy, playing all kinds of sports. I'm sad these days are ending, I love summer, it's the best season of the whole entire year.  I'm sure once it cools off and I see pumpkins around, I'll finally give in to the fact that cold weather is heading my way and that I should go ahead and buy a pumpkin and go with it!  BUT...until then, we are living up sweet summer time!

These are random pics of what we've been up to lately...

 While Waco runs at the park, Parker practices golf!

Nothing cuter than a boy and his dog.

This day, he woke up at 6:30 am asking to go outside.  Of course we had to let the sun rise and eat breakfast, but we eventually made it to the park, even before the gym that day!  Good thing the park is just down the street.

The city repaved our street last week and rocks were thrown up all up and down the sidewalk.  He wasted no time in helping me sweep them up!  He kept telling me they would make his wagon ride too bumpy when we go to the park!  ;)

A new night time ritual...reading with daddy inside his tent on his bed!  Three year their imaginations!

Can you just see the question in her eyes?  Can we go now?  Please?

Playing in the dirt and looking in the "tunnels" aka drainage pipes.

We've been working on putting up a new basketball goal in the driveway for P and we finally finished it last night!  He was such a big help!

 Up bright and early ready to play!

So much fun!!

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