Monday, October 8, 2012

Pumpkin Farm

Amarillo has this awesome pumpkin farm a little outside of town called Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm.  Parker and I met some friends out there today and I can't think of a more perfect place to take a little boy!  There were tractors, bales of hay to climb on, corn mazes to run through, corn to play in, a mountain of dirt to climb, the list goes on.  Parker was in heaven and when we left, I drug one exhausted little boy into the car!  :)  
Parker's favorite was running and bouncing on this huge "air pillow" in the ground.  It was so big and the boys just ran all over it!

Going on a wagon train ride!

Riding through the corn maze!
Yes, you are getting this view point because I was riding with my friend Jennifer, in one of the wagons in the back of the train!  :)  The guy said a parent "must" accompany a child...we didn't know he was joking, so we climbed on in!  Laugh it up big boy, I'm sure we looked ridiculous!  ;)

Now this train CRACKED me up!!  It was the "cow train" and the kids held onto the longhorns as they rode!  

 There they go!

Doesn't this make you laugh??

The big mountain of dirt!  There were two tunnel slides built into this huge mound.  The kids carried burlap sacks up and then slid down on them!

Love that face!


Three sweet boys!
True, Parker and Harper

 Pumping water

 Playing in the corn pit!

Conquering the hay mountain!

Riding on the John Deer

Saying bye to the rabbits!
Happy Fall!!

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