Sunday, November 11, 2012

A rodeo and ranch weekend!

We've had a busy weekend!  Friday night we went to the rodeo with James's family and just like last year, Parker loved watching every second of it.  Then we were up bright and early Saturday morning to  take a bunch of friends out to the ranch so the guys could quail hunt. It was beautiful and warm which was perfect because we were able to let the kids just go!  We had Frito chili pie for lunch which just made it all the more "Fall feeling" out there!
As usual we were too busy having fun and I didn't take near as many pics as I wanted.  It was a fun day and we are blessed with such great friends!
All these pics are with my iPhone so please excuse the quality!

All ready to go to the rodeo!!

A little unsure at first, it was really loud in the arena.

Happy boy!

Parker clapped for the cowboys the whole time, he was so into it.

Still clapping

Nana treated all the kids to cotton candy.  Sweet boy has never had this stuff and he loved it!

Look what I got mom!

Intense moment, a cow got hurt.  It was sad, they even brought out the cow stretcher (a wooden sled on chains pulled by horses).  This is the point where I stopped enjoying the rodeo because I was so worried about the hurt mama cow.  :(

Saturday morning quail hunt at the ranch!
L to R Seth, Brandon, James, Brad, Luke, Shane and Cy with Shelly the hunting dog

These  boys rode all over the place in the John Deer tractor!
Jack, Parker and Blake

Heidi and Jack

Lindsay and Wyatt

Cute little boys wanting to ride the four wheelers

Shane taking sweet Lindsay on a ride because her hubby, Seth, took the little boys on one!

Lindsay with Wyatt and Adelynn

Two wonderful couple friends
Brad and Heidi and Leah and Cy

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