Friday, December 7, 2012

It got quiet

Those of you who are mothers of young know that moment when you realize that it's just too quiet in your house?  Good things NEVER come from that realization, never.  Last night as I was in my bathroom trying to get ready for my mother-in-law's birthday dinner, I realized that Curious George was no longer playing on the t.v. and that the house was just, well, quiet.  In my mind I innocently thought, "he's just playing with his blocks", but deep in my heart I knew that was not the case.  So I went over to his hall and noticed the bathroom door cracked, heard water running and found this...

He was standing on his stool...

with a huge glob of blue toothpaste in his hair...
telling me he was getting handsome.  Notice the slight part in his hair, he had been combing his hair with toothpaste.  This was all funny at first until I realized that not only had he squirted toothpaste in his hair, but  he had emptied his tube of hair gel all over the floor and counter.  Good times.

*Side note: that huge red thing in the middle of his forehead and on his nose (you can't see it in the pic) is what I call road rash.  It happens when your three year old finds your husband's skate board and goes sailing down the driveway and then crashes face first onto the pavement, and skids a little. 
**Don't ask me why my husband has a skate board (it's actually a long board)!  :)

Yes...we have family portraits tonight at James's law firm party.  Good timing!  I love being a boy mom!!    All my friends tell me that this is a rite of passage of being a boy mom...I'll go with it!


  1. HILARIOUS! He has watched you getting pretty in your bathroom and thought he would do the same! And, what is James doing with a skateboard? :)

  2. Brielle had almost the same road rash from the dog dragging her across the pavement! Bless his heart!

  3. Love seeing the pictures to go with the story!